Here you’ll find information about my letterpress workshops, a portfolio of my limited-edition artist book works, clips of my published writing and a very irregular blog, which I expect will veer wildly between my interests in 19th century hobbies, books, writing, typography, baking, photography and ephemera.

I started letterpress printing in New York in 1996 at the New York Centre for Book Arts. In 1999, while an apprentice at the Yolla Bolly Press in Covelo, California, I printed my first book under the imprint Idlewild Press. Since then, I’ve taught printing and book-making in the US and Australia. My books are exhibited and collected internationally. In 2005, after studio incarnations in California and Ohio, I shipped a 20 foot container-load of letterpress equipment to Australia and re-established Idlewild Press in Melbourne’s famous Nicholas Building. In 2010, I moved to the Compound Interest Centre for Applied Arts in Collingwood. My press movers breathed sighs of relief on learning that the new studio is on ground floor.

I write regularly for Uppercase magazine, published in Calgary, Canada. I’ve written pieces about letterpress, photogravure, shorthand, sign-writing, ink making, fingerprinting and type specimen books. Four days a week, I work in the Conservation Department at the State Library of Victoria. You can find me on Twitter (@girlprinter), Flickr (Carolyn) and Instagram (girlprinter.)